Sita Iona Pieraccini

Sita Pieraccini is a performer, theatre artist and singer/musician based in Scotland, with a background in visual art and music. After studying for her degree in Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, Sita went on to train in acting and physical theatre through the Physical Theatre Practice Course, taught in Glasgow by Al Seed and Simon Abbott. Since 2009, Sita has created many small scale works of performance, some of which have developed into full length productions. This includes solo show, Bird which was presented as part of Made In Scotland at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016. Her newest piece, Make A HOO was presented at Manipulate 2017 at Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh to much acclaim.

Sita is drawn to the metaphysical in the creation of her work and seeks a poetic theatrically on stage. Inspired by ‘magical realism’ and narrative structures which allow the fantastic to live along side the everyday, Sita tends to focus in on characters and scenarios with detailed precision and draw on clown and techniques in physical performance to share this dimension with audiences. Drawn to collaboration with sound and music artists, her work often combines an innovative audio element. The outcome are often short, anecdotal and highly visual pieces of physical performance, video or installation. They are a mixture of the poetic and absurd, humorous and tragic.

If you’d like to get in touch, please contact Sita on


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