Day 1 – ‘Start from a good place’

Today, David and I prepared a small informal showing of Bird for Marian and Simon at The Actors Space. We had brought pretty much every single item for the show all the way from Scotland, including the stick I use and a pine cone. However, David’s Foley table was scattered with Catalonian autumnal debris, adding a continental twist to our set up.

After a thorough chat regarding the piece and the course of the next two weeks, we took a trip down to a new circus space in Vic. This was one of the few places Marian had been in contact with to arrange a showing of my work at the end of the residency. We had visited a rather beautiful but lifeless theatre space earlier in the afternoon but the local circus space was very open and excited by our proposal.

The dates for the show will be confirmed in the next couple of days and we’ll have a copy of the poster up soon!


One thought on “Day 1 – ‘Start from a good place’

  1. Great photos and narrative of the surroundings. Sounds like lotsa fun and hard work a great combination to inspire you.

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