Day 2 – ‘Conventions’

Much fun was had today. And now I’m exhausted!

We played around with the conventions of Bird today. For example, instead of using mime in only some of the work, we tried it completely mimed. So, no props, soil etc. Just sound effects, me and an empty space. This was fun. It posed a lot of questions about using any convention in theatre and more importantly, why I was using it in this particular story.

In the afternoon session Simon and I looked at neutral mask. It was such a joy to come back to neutral mask after only having a small taste of it at school. I found it very useful to re-visit – in one of Simon’s own, hand-made masks as well!

I also had a play with the 7 states of tension, where at level 6 – I had apparently won 11,000,000 pounds! – GREAT! – only to realise I still had my ticket in my pocket…..


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