Day 3 – ‘Painting with broader brush strokes’

From emulating the sounds and actions inspired by the outdoors to physically taking a journey into the surrounding forest at The Actors Space…the world of Bird got that little bit bigger once again.

The walk – The vast views were draped with a calm mist. Walking to the ridge of an undefined path was daunting, as only a physical sense of vastness could be felt beyond it. Sounds were magnified but unclear, and the arrival of Mona the dog, out of the mist, made all my senses leap!

This outdoor venture made sense to do at some point during this development process – that it was so misty really added to the drama. Taking inspiration from the frights I kept encountering on my walk, the idea of childhood fears –  ‘monster under my bed’ or, ‘noises from the cupboard’ – were brought into play during the afternoon session.

Bird has been well and truly up-rooted. We’re now beginning to collage together all these different elements and scenarios we have been looking at. It’s really exciting.


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