Day 5 – ‘Mimey World – Push and Pull’

Today began with some exercises in manipulation and articulation with Marian. We then looked at creating rhythms with David’s Foley ‘walking’ sound effects. It opened up the possibility for a whole show that could be scored in terms of rhythm and pace.

I’m finding it so beneficial to have recapped the basics of physical performance with Simon and Marian. I’ve re-visited neutral mask, element work, Feldenkrais, mime/ manipulation, all of which have fed into the development process of Bird very effectively I feel.

Both David and I have been really happy with the approach Simon has taken as director with the project so far. It’s good for me to be able to pass on all my thoughts and possibilities for a piece to someone else, allowing me to play and have fun with the character and scenarios. I’m already realising the benefits of the residency so far which is really positive.

A nice break this weekend then back to it all on Monday morning!


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