Day 6 – ‘ The End is Not Nigh!’

Monday has been a bit of a fuzzy day. We got to what should have been the ‘end bit’ and then all time and space started to bend. The mixture of re-capping material from last week, creating new material for new sections and discussing the themes of the piece started to affect everyone I think. I also felt for the first time that perhaps I was being a bit clingy with my original material and had to remind myself to be open to new progressions and change.

A new treatment came out of some unexpected activity however. David was trying to get rid of feedback in the monitors, which was a very noisy and piercing process. I was in the space marking through the sequence and something about my robotic, demented pacing and David’s metallic feedback noises seemed to work. It was a nice surprise!

After leaving the space we embarked immediately on dinner and created the most scrumptious meal prepared to date. Chorizo, tomato and garlic risotto topped with poached trout! Complemented with rich tasting Rioja. Yum.


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