Day 7 – ‘The Shape of Things’

Today was a highly active and tiring day. It began with an exercise in animal observation. Undoubtedly, the most attractive animal personality at The Actors Space is Mona the dog. I thoroughly enjoyed my twenty minutes of observing and playing with Mona. I then presented my own representation of her to Simon back at the space. This venture into animal instincts helped to feed into the development of the relationship between the girl and the bird from a very practical and realistic perspective.

We then tried sampling my bird sounds for David to activate during the piece. David and I had previously refrained from using sampled sounds in general because we always favored the live, honest quality of unaffected and immediate live sound effects. But David, can’t do the particular bird sound I can create. He imitates a curlew very well but they are a bit big for this piece.

Things have developed nicely today and we did land an ending. The piece has a shape.


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