Day 9 – ‘Joy and Happiness’

We staggered through the whole piece today then presented it in full to Marian in the evening. The tension that settled in my body from trying to remember all the actions and technicalities was something that I’ve experienced before with rehearsing this piece. Nevertheless, it felt good to have done a full run through and to get some objective feedback.

We took a trip down to the venue and put up the drapes for the staging. Once again, David and I were overwhelmed by how enthusiastic Jan, the owner, was about having the piece performed at his space. He was so helpful and energetic in making the space just right for us. It was obviously in his nature to be so helpful and positive but it made me wish that I knew more people like him back in Scotland. People who are willing to help in what way they can to make a project unique and worth while. He is even going to lay gravel down on the track to the Circus Space to make it easier for people to get there! He’s unique 🙂

Tomorrow, we run through the piece incorporating the look and clown state. The look to the audience isn’t something that can necessarily be rehearsed without an audience but I’m hoping that the lightness of the state will release some of the tension that comes from trying to remember everything! There’s some extra bits to work in as well. Bits that give hope, are joyful for the character, and that make her world a happy police, even just for a little while.


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