Make A HOO

Make A HOO – A new performance from Sita Pieraccini featuring an elaborate game of call and response between a central character and a shape shifting being who only comes to life at night.  In development for Arches Live! 2014. Watch this space.



-‘We’ve all been put in the wrong place. We will never really produce anything here,’ she said and touched my face with her hand. ‘Only our grotesque selves’ …


If there are gods in this world, or in the next, let them take pity on us and give us strength everyday, because we need it everyday. Every single day. There is no let up, ever. Not really.’ –




p.158, REEF, by Romesh Guneschara




This is a work in progress presentation featuring ideas explored during a two month residency in Sri Lanka at the end of last year which encompasses folk song, memory and an ever encroaching natural environment. It has been created in collaboration with sound artist Mark Vernon, taking inspiration from the sounds he recorded during the same residency. 




I was there to develop a creative response to the area and environment as well as to use the time and space to develop my creative practice, exploring further the processes and ideas behind my work. I became influenced by folk song or ‘song poetry’ and it’s natural, historical setting in rural areas of farmland – sung as they were by farmers from each field to create a vocal ‘fence’ to keep the crop eating elephants at bay as well as to keep them going during the days work. Elements of this seeped into a more immediate response to the culture and way of life as I witnessed it in present day Sri Lanka. Themes of subtle protest and a connectedness/disconnectdedness with nature through stories, song, and labour are ones I continue to explore through the development of this piece.


Mark and I would very much like to hear your feedback regarding any aspect of the presentation. Please click on the Sura Medura tab for more information about the residency and my work. You can hear Marks rich and wonderful sound work at and his evocative residency piece – Sri Lanka Soundscape – Things that were missed in the clammer of the calm







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