Past Productions

Bird,  Surge Festival 2012

Creep into the post-apocalyptic world of one lone, feral creature, starved of both food and friendship. With only a patch of soil to call her own, she must be ready to seize every small opportunity that might fly by…Enriched by a detailed and subtle soundscape that is performed live, Bird is a timeless tale of friendship, courage, magic and madness.

With no dialogue, Bird is a solo performance with elements of clown and mime that looks at the life of one individual struggling with their emotions and desires for companionship. With minimal use of set, including a large heap of soil, this technically creative show incorporates original light and sound design which act to sustain the magical qualities of all that is seen and unseen throughout the performance.

A key characteristic of Bird is the live Foley accompaniment by David Pollock. There is no melodic score as such but all audio, down to the very footsteps of the character, are created live to help lift the piece to a heightened state and to enhance the feeling of solitude. The collaboration between physical performance and live sound making is at the core of this rich and enigmatic performance. Lighting also plays a strong role in this piece as it plays the part of the environment, the elements and also hints at the presence of an otherwise invisible bird. Both the lighting and sound act as players in the work. Bird exists in a somewhat post-apocalyptic world where landscapes and the elements share characteristics we are familiar with yet are also alien in many ways. This hint of the mutated nature can put Bird in an environmental context as it reflects a world we’re familiar with in some ways, but unexpected things begin to happen that separate it from the norm.


The Growling Tent, Merchant City Festival – July 2011

‘The wiring underneath George Square requires maintenance. The workmen of Glasgow have dug a hole and erected a tent, when suddenly they’re faced with a far more unusual problem…unexplained noises of the monstrous variety.’

 Growling Tent is an exciting and entertaining piece of street theatre that places its main characters – the cities own ‘workies’ – in a very unusual situation. A common ‘workies tent’ begins to emit some very chilling growling noises. As the sounds become louder and louder, a crowd of workmen are gathered to try and work something out…


Head-To-Toe Makeover – 2010

Own art? Nah… Be art!!! Be transformed in to your favourite piece of modern art – Warhol’s Marilyn? A geometric Mondrian masterpiece? Or even a full body Jackson Pollok? …and take home your costume for Free!

Head-To-Toe Makeover is an exciting street theatre performance with a difference. Taking influence from great works of modern art, an audience member is transformed in to a dazzling living work of art; a costume they can then take home and reuse, all in ten minutes! Join us for fun and frolics…

Photograph by Chris Watson – Sita Pieraccini & Drew Taylor, T in the Park 2010

More Photos from The Merchant City Festival Glasgow can be found by following the link below-

Splinters – Super PAPA – 2009

Super PAPA  is a story of how the imagination filters the memory of a loved one. Taking a real-life character from memory and exploring their characteristics through performance. It is also a physical story involving a character with limited mobility due to stroke.

Research for this piece involved trying to learn more about what it is to have a stroke as well as what is physically happening. I watched this lecture by Jill Bolte Taylor at which describes what it is like to have a stroke. I also looked at footage of Christopher Reeve as Superman for inspiration and discovered how many of his poses use one arm which worked with my idea to disable my main character so that only one half of his body was mobile.

Photographs by Jacek Hubner

Rulla Bulla – Rhyme Nor Reason – 2009

Student Production at Scottish Youth Theatre – Rulla Bulla is a performance based on a Norwegian Nursery Rhyme – Rulla Bulla, Lilla Bulla (Roll ball, little ball…). It combines the phonetic sounds of the words and it’s repetitive rhythm to create a visceral re-interpretation of the poem into physical processes. Elements of Butoh and Buffon can be seen in the piece, which work to create a dark and disturbing, process based performance.

Photographs by Guy Veale

Feet First – Windows of Opportunity – New Years Eve, Edinburgh 2008

Student performance directed by Al Seed that featured the use of 7 large windows of an old office building to frame miniature performances based around characters who were trapped in a world of convention and stress.

Photographs by Jacek Hubner –  Office Party

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